Yet another season.

I am in a season of waiting. And let me tell you it sucks. I feel like I have to wait for everything, school to be over, my year off to start and yes I know, a relationship. I sat down with my youth pastor the other night and spilled my heart, because I was hurting and felt like the only one going through something like this. We talked, laughed and prayed. By the end of our little chat, I was feeling ten times better about this season that I was in. In a nutshell, I was told that I need to live in the moment that I am in, or I would be missing key ministry moments that will guide me and shape me as I continued on the journey with God. After youth, I dropped off a friend at her house and went home, mulling over the conversation. The minute I got home, the enemy began pushing at me where he knows he can. My level of stress. I recognized this and texted some close friends that I needed prayer. Let me tell you that we serve a faithful God. The feeling went away and I got ready for bed, knowing full well how much work there was still to be done, but there was peace instead of stress. My full week is now done, I do have a busy weekend ahead of me, but I am entering into this weekend with a sense of peace.

Blessings + hugs,


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