Be still.

Background story on this blog post – my mom and I had gone to an etsy sale a little while back, where I picked up a necklace that reads Be Still. I loved the necklace and the message it portrayed as well. Fast forward to today. I didn’t do any homework and was feeling quite bogged down to say the least. My family went to the musical that W-O was hosting and it was excellent. About half way through the musical I began to think about all the homework I had ahead of me to do. I began to get very stressed out and then I looked down. The words “Be Still” were staring at me. I don’t need to worry about the homework and the to do list now, I need to be still and not worry. When I bought that necklace, I never thought that God would use something like that to still my heart, but hey, we serve a mysterious awesome God. There has been many nights where I will come home from a powerful youth group meeting and the enemy is hitting at me harder then ever. But I need to be still and the Lord will fight for me. I don’t need to get all stressed and worried about getting everything done, cause in time it will get done. I just thought that I would share this little nugget of truth that I learned tonight, cause we serve an awesome God.

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