Hurting Heart.

I was hanging out with friends today at the mall. After countless hours trying on clothes, laughing and finally getting ice cream, we left and drove out of the mall parking lot. We came to a red light and there was a homeless man holding a sign reading “Homeless, any spare change? God bless” I locked eyes with this man, looked into his eyes, eyes that read of pain. My heart hurt for this poor man, it was raining outside and the weather was nasty. I didn’t speak up and say that I wanted to give him some money. I didn’t have anything smaller then a twenty, but looking back now I wish I would have gave it to him. It brings me back to a camp skit that was preformed one summer. A woman was busy getting ready and cleaning her house because Jesus was coming for dinner that night. A man stopped in and asked to use her phone because his car was dead. She replied no because she was too busy getting ready for Jesus to come to her house. Everything had to be perfect. A woman stopped in and asked if she had any spare change so she could take a bus home to her family, “No” replied the woman because she was too busy trying to make everything perfect. Finally, Jesus stopped in and she told him of what had happened, and Jesus said to her that what you do to the least of these, you do to me. The skit ends with Jesus walking away. Why didn’t I say something, reached and gave that man some money? Because I was scared of what other people might think? Nobody else was stopping to give this man money? I didn’t want to part with my hard earned money? It could have been any of these reasons, maybe even all of them. I could have made a little bit of a difference in that man’s life, it doesn’t matter if he uses them to do drugs or buy beer, it’s not for me to judge. Instead, I should have shoved those thoughts aside and done it because that’s what Jesus would have done. It’s a wake up call. What’s your wake up call?

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