Bring that revival.

Laughter. Joy. Jesus. Tears. Worship. This past weekend I had the opportunity to go to a conference called Fresh Wind. I went into this conference not really sure what to expect, but let me tell you, God moved. The second day we were there, I found myself in a tough place. A place where I felt like I couldn’t do enough to worship the king of the universe. I couldn’t sing, dance, and jump enough to honour his greatness. In a way, I felt small. It was almost refreshing, I had been putting other things first before God in my life and when I got to that point, where I couldn’t do enough to worship him, it was quite an epiphany. Some of the speakers spoke on revival, and let me tell you that there is a revival coming. Bring that revival Jesus. Being a girl who has gone to pitch since grade 7, I found this conference to be a lot like pitch, and then very different in other ways. I always leave pitch with a Jesus high that wears off. I left Fresh Wind with joy in heart and dance in my feet. I left with expectation with what God is doing. I left excited, but not with a Jesus high. Coming back, to church where they don’t worship in the same way that I did on the weekend was odd, I had become very comfortable with jumping, dancing, and singing louder then normal. God became like a new person to me, he set my heart ablaze for him. Something I loved, was called “fire tunnels”. Basically the ministry team lines up across from each other and you walk down the middle while they are praying and interceding for you. I learned from this “fire tunnel” experience that it’s not all about the feeling. I never felt different walking through that tunnel, but when you look back, there is like 20 people that have just prayed for you. The whole weekend in a whole was A M A Z I N G. B

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