Update #1 – loving it here.

It has been less then a week since I stepped on that plane, said my goodbyes and flew into Mexico. What a crazy adventure. I absolutely love it here, the culture, the people and the way YWAM  works in general. I was talking to one of the staff today and she was asking how it was going. I told her it felt like home to me. I love my home back in Canada, but Mexico has already become like a second home to me. I share a room with 9 other girls, and half of them only speak Spanish. This has been interesting trying to communicate, but very fun as well. Everybody here loves Jesus. It is so evident when they smile and reach out to people. I love being surronded by all these different cultures and countries. There are 10 different countries represented in my DTS. This week has been kind of like orientation, getting to know everybody. The staff are awesome. They are so welcoming and friendly. They are so real. This is just a short blog post, but there will be more coming in the near future. I hope y’all are not too cold back in Canada, we have had nothing but sun. It’s so beautiful here. 


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