Update #2 – learning. 

It has been one full week of classes, and I can’t remember the last time I have cried so much in one week. God is so faithful, and he has been taking down the walls that I have put up around my heart, telling me just how much he loves me and wants a relationship with me. Over this past week, God has been teaching me that the walls I have put up, were walls of religion and not relationship. Walls of religion that I had put up over the years, I had thought for the longest time that this was how I got close to Jesus. But I always felt far away. I read my bible every morning and I prayed. I went to church and I worshiped. But I was stuck in religion and not relationship. God has used this week to take down those walls. To show me what relationship means with him. That he treasures me. That he loves me. That he yearns to take me deeper. I have been able to look at the bible with new eyes. I have actually been able to look forward to my quiet time, to hear him speak instead of dreading it.

I have been feeling way better about being here. I know that right now, this is where I need to be. Sure, it would be nice to be at home and be with my family and my friends, but this place, right here in Mazatlan is where I need to be.

Life here in Mazatlan is pretty awesome too. I have made some awesome friends, friendships that will last forever. They have the best smoothies here, huge smoothies for 33 pesos. So like super cheap. The taxis are these awesome cute little things that look like golf carts. Those are super fun to take. We have ministry on Thursdays, and we each get to choose a ministry and go out and love on people. This had been hard on me because I don’t speak any Spanish, but I’m learning. I am also learning that God can use me to minister to these people even though I don’t speak their language.

It’s been awesome. I can’t wait to see what’s next.



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