This is my heart on paper // Another update

Yet another update from the world of Natalie’s mind. It has been a crazy week. Full of sickness and of healing. Learning and a whole lot of grace. There was quite a few people sick this week, me being one of them. This is the second time I have been sick here and I feel so adultish. Like I can literally do anything adult and rock it. I have also witnessed people being healed, praise Jesus for that. Our speaker last week spoke on the kingdom of God and evangelism, this was one of my favorite weeks so far. Our speaker was so full of passion and love for God, it was truly incredible.

Outreach! The topic I am sure you are all waiting to hear about. Well, I am still waiting too. I can tell where the 4 teams are going, but not where I am going. Yet. There is one team going to Bolivia, one team going to Chile, and two teams are going to Mexico. Cool eh?

I know that I say this every single time I feel like, but I freaking love it. I love it here so much. Like this season of life is so awesome. God, you are so good.

This is my heart on paper. Well, I guess my heart on website. I journal every morning and a lot of it is me pouring out my heart to God. A whole lot of praises, and a whole lot of tears get poured out on those papers. I wish you guys were here with me. Brushing your toes through the sand and pouring hot sauce on everything (I do not do this). Eating endless tacos and burning your tongue on hot churros. I wish you were here to experience everything I experience.

Caffeine is so needed here. I drink coffee for the taste, not for the energy it gives me, but it’s the other way around here. My brother gave me an Aeropress right before coming here and it has to be the best gift I have ever been given. That machine makes really good coffee. Really good coffee. You all need to get yourselves one.

If you knew me before me coming here, you would have known that I was a pretty introverted person. Coming here, I have not been able to find a spot alone, and strangely enough I’m okay with that. I have had to change everything about how I reenergize, but I love these people so its okay.

Prayer requests:

  • That I would have patience, because everything runs on Mexican time. (It takes forever to go anywhere it feels like)
  • That God’s will would be done in the outreach area, that we would all end up where we are most needed.

I love you and (only kinda miss you guys cause I love it so much here)

Hugs + Blessings,


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2 thoughts on “This is my heart on paper // Another update”

  1. I love your updates. I’m sorry you’ve been sick. Kona team we spent time with experienced sickness and god gave me opportunity to play mom. Miss you Nat. Stay safe


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