Wondrous? You could say that.

If somebody was to ask me how life is, I would say splendid (I just really like that word), but in the same breath I would say messy. God is doing so much in my life, and in a way I don’t know how to react to everything that he is doing. YWAM is beautiful, in such a soul changing way. God gets down to the core of your heart, where mine was most guarded and is beginning to change me from the inside out.

Life here is wondrous (Definition: To be marveled at). I know that I talk about how good everything here every blog post, but the joy of being here is just bubbling out of my heart and I have to write it down somewhere.

I never knew that goodbyes would be so hard. Back home, I cried only in the airport saying goodbye to my family. Here, when somebody leaves, a piece of my tender heart goes with them. Knowing I might not see them for 5, 10 years, or never again hurts like nothing has ever hurt before. It has to be the worst feeling in the world, to wake up and not say good morning to them. To not see their smiling faces and joy every time you step into the same room as them. Kenz, you know I am talking about you gal. I really miss you.

Monday, we are heading out for a 4 hour drive to Durango Mexico, where we will be camping as a DTS. Monday is also my birthday, so how cool is it that I get to spend my 19th birthday in the mountains of Mexico? Never thought I would ever be doing that. This camping trip is coming at the perfect timing, the base was filled filled with 70 high schoolers on a service trip, talk about a lot of people. On the topic of high schoolers, I got asked to share my testimony and a bit about why i came to YWAM to these high schoolers. I got up there, and started to pour my heart out to them, told them about my past and how good God is. How life changing this experience is for me. How worth it a gap year is. How awesome YWAM is. Then we all headed down to the beach to have a time of worship. Let me tell you that God started stirring in the hearts of those young people. There was people giving their hearts over to God and people were getting baptized. There was healing. There was so much joy in that place. In in the beginning of them being here, I really didn’t want them to be here, loud rowdy teenagers who just care about snuggling with their girlfriends all the freaking time. After a conversation with one of them, it became very evident that they were here for a specific reason. That God had brought them here. She told me that she knew who God was, but had never felt him before. She didn’t understand his love. She told me how since getting here, God was beginning to feel real to her. This hit me like a brick. Those kids were only here for one week, but that didn’t mean that we couldn’t reach out to them. Tell them about Jesus. Love on them like we are called to do. My perspective on them really changed after my conversation with that girl.

Outreach plans are beginning to come together, we have had two team meetings now. I am super excited about how God is going to use our team, its been awesome getting to know them more. I will let you know more details as I know them, it’s all pretty up in the air right now.

Just a bit into what’s going on here, I could write for days about what God is doing in my heart, but I won’t bore you with the details.

Blessings +  hugs,


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