Chilly in Chile.

First off, I am sorry for not updating everybody on my adventures here in Chile. We have been incredibly busy, and we have a free day today so I am taking full advantage of it. Sleeping in. Time with Jesus. Updating the blog. Resting.

I don’t even know where to start. God has done so much. His heart for this place is absolutely beautiful. We spent a few days in Santiago, where we did evangelism and worked alongside a church. The family we stayed with was so hospitable. From the moment that we stepped off the plane to the moment we got on a bus, they were a huge blessing to this team. The mom of the house wasn’t a Christian, but her kids where. Their dad was not either. During our time there, both of them accepted Christ. I’m crying just thinking about the joy that filled that house. I am part of the worship team on outreach. I lead alongside Efrain (Mexico) and Tyler (United states) both very talented guys. We often lead worship in the park or on the bus and then the rest of the team goes out and talks to the people who stop and listen. One super rad thing that happened was bus ministry! The buses in Santiago allow people to ride for free if they are playing music or evangelizing. As YWAMers, we were not going to pass up this opportunity. We hopped on the buses and sang. Played music. Prayed for people. God gave us specific words for them. It was incredible. Absolutely incredible. From Santiago, we moved to Talca, where we have been here for about a week I think. I have completely lost track of time here. I don’t even know what day it is half the time.

God is good. When I think about his faithfulness I cry. Every freaking time. He is powerful. Loving. Graceful. Faithful. Life changing. Life changing. Life changing.

I was flipping through my journal today and reading past entires. Things I was praying for and God provided them. I could see his hand through it all.

Sorry about the short blog post, I am working off of my phone and it’s  really annoying to use this thing. Thanks for following along in my journey. I will share our team blog once it hopefully gets posted later today on Facebook.

Hugs + Blessings


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