Heaven’s song

Words. Black against white. Powerful. Life changing.

Worship. Praise into empty air. Wide open mouths. Sweet sounds.

These are two things that I have grown in these past 5 months, getting pushed out of my comfort and standing in front of people to lead them into Jesus’s presence. Having anxiety because of it, but He set me free from all fear. Leading worship on buses and in the middle of the street in Chile. Leading worship is something that I have fallen in love with, something that God has really opened up my heart in. Words are something new to me, I always loved them but didn’t know how powerful they were. You can use words to build people up or tear them down. I learned the art of affirming people, to use words to love on them. I wrote countess letters and spoke numerous affirmations over people in these past 5 months. Seeing the joy that they carried when they realized people saw the good things, that we would look past the mess and see their sweet caring heart was always a highlight for me.

I go home on Friday. I can hardly wait, yet my heart aches. One of the worst feelings because you are so torn. Jesus has shown me so much in this time, one of the main ones is to always wait on his timing. His timing is perfect. Always. That is something that I can continually rest in, knowing that he gives us the next step when it’s time for the next step. He doesn’t give you 3 steps when you haven’t even gotten through step 1. He is patient, and he is loving.

I have to go home and make decisions that are going to impact my future. Before YWAM, I was scared and didn’t know which way to turn. Now I can make these decisions with confidence, knowing what God has called me into.

He has blessed me more then I could have asked for these past 5 months. I had the chance to grow with incredible people. To see their hearts allow them to see mine. I got to go to Chile. I got to spend my birthday in Mexico, on the top of a mountain in Jesus’s presence. I get to show my family around this city that I have completely fallen in love with.

I will write another blog post once I get home about being home. Until then,

Blessings + extra tight hugs cause I get to see you guys again soon,


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