I’ve finished a week of work since I have gotten back. For those of you who read this blog, and don’t know, I am nannying with the same family that I worked for before I left. This week has had a range of emotions, there has been longing, a few tears and plenty of laughter. I came home from CO and wanted nothing more then to be back with him. I didn’t want to go to school in the fall, I didn’t want to start my job and I was missing him more then I thought I would. Long distance sucks. But God is still good. He is still working in both of us. He has called us each where we are right now, and we need to continue to trust in him.

I was watching Emily, the girl I nanny today while she swayed along to worship music that she had put on. God spoke to me and said “This is where I have you” Before I left for YWAM, I took the job of nannying because nothing else was coming and I had already applied for 5 other jobs. I didn’t realize how much of a blessing this family would become to me, I fell in love with the kids and the art of raising one. I left for YWAM, cried when I had to say goodbye to them because I thought it was it. I wasn’t going to see them again. But, God had different plans, as he often does. Side note. Don’t you love when God’s plans are different then yours? Because his are always way better. I was given the chance to come back and nanny for this family again, but I took it to God. I prayed for a long time, that his direction would be clear for me. I took the job, thinking well at least I can go home and have a job. Again. Seriously did not take into consideration how much of a blessing this family would become to me again. It doesn’t take a lot to surprise me as you can see. He is so faithful. Sometimes I forget how faithful he is, and then it hits me in the face. Quite literally sometimes.

I have been catching up with people on and off, and almost everybody I come into contact with says “I was reading your blog.” Wow guys, thanks! I really didn’t think that many people read this, but I have always enjoyed writing them, so I’ll keep it coming for ya all.

Something that God has been teaching me is that he is constantly using me wherever I am. He always has something up his sleeve, his love always blows me away. I love that about him, that he is not a boring God. Not at all. He is a God that loves to surprise people, who loves excitement. His heart just about bursts for you, he loves you so much. If you have not read the book Beautiful Outlaw by John Eldredge you are seriously missing out my friend. Go buy this book, and grab a highlighter and a notebook. You will not be disappointed.

This blog post is full of rambles, but as it often is. Just what’s on my heart, stuff that is bubbling over for me to write about. Hope you have been encouraged, remember that He is always using you. Even when you are elbow deep in sudsy water, or chasing 4 year olds around a store, he is still using you.

Hugs + blessings,


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