forever and ever

I was driving Ethan and Emily home from VBC yesterday and Emily was telling me how when you accept Christ into your heart, he becomes your best friend ever. For ever and ever in the words of a 4 year old. That got me thinking as I headed home that evening, how easily we view God as hard and judgmental. We hold him at a distance because we think that he is going to call us into something that is going to be too hard for us. Because we can’t actually see him, it’s hard to trust.

God just wants to be our best friend forever and ever. He gave up his son because of his love for us. He wants to be our best friend, and only wants the best for us. He calls us into things and to places that are going to challenge us because he wants us to grow.

Something that I learned in YWAM, something that wrecked me, was how personal of a God we serve. He has so much love to pour out, his heart just bursts for us. For me, I used to think that God was mad when I messed up. When I didn’t listen to the tugging on my heart. But now, I know that God is full of grace and with gentle nudgings I will learn from  my mistakes and step out and be brave. I will talk to that person on the street who is asking for money, and share my heart with them. I will reach out to the person on the bench, knowing they have been sitting by themselves and tears are running down their cheeks. I know that sometimes I will be rejected, and told that Christianity is a load of crap. But how many times was Jesus rejected? He pushed though, and didn’t take his eyes of The Father.

We have a lot to learn from kids. Nannying gives me this chance, and boy oh boy they say the funniest things.

Emily: Do dogs go to hell Natalie?

Me: No, I don’t think so. I think they go to heaven with us one day.

I get to see what it means to have childlike faith. To have Jesus as our best friend forever and ever. To not care what other people think because you are just so in love with the creator of the universe. The creator of purple wildflowers and wind that makes leaves dance.

It’s the best.

Getting your hands messy and doing his kingdom work.

If you find yourself sad, or discouraged, go spend some time with kids.

Blessings and extra extra extra tight hugs tonight,


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