love really does.

I’m here. I’m moved in, and almost finished a week of classes. I’m doing this. I have to repeatedly tell myself, that I’m not giving up. I’m only an hour away from home instead of a five hour plane ride and I get to see my sweet sis in the hall every now and then. I am loving the classes, and I am trying to make friends. Slowly but surely right? The work load is beginning to seem overwhelming, but i’ve got this and I’m not giving up. This week, God has been whispering in my ear every single day, every single moment. He keeps talking, he keeps me grounded. There has been some crazy emotions these past couple days, i’ve cried harder then I have in a long time, but i’ve also found the joy I knew I was missing.

Something that I am continually learning, is that love does. Love really does. I am in a new place, new people. A new life style. I am going into this year with the mindset that I want to love people with everything I have inside of me. I want to pour out the love that Jesus has filled me with, because I know he is continually filling me up so I can pour out. “Pour out nat, so I can fill you up.” These are the words he keeps whispering to me. He tells me when I am running thorough the rain to get to class, or in the quiet mornings while I make coffee to wake me up.

I am so beyond excited and honestly I get a little overwhelmed when I think about what he is doing in my life, and how he is using me. I am his clay, and he is the potter. I am a lump and he is shaping me into the most beautiful piece of priceless art. Priceless. I am priceless. I was created by him. I sometimes think or try to imagine want God was thinking when he was creating us. How his heart was just so full of love and excitement for who we would be become. How he designed every single part of us, down to our fingerprints. I know it sounds cliche, but he knows how many hairs on our head, and I don’t know about you but I am constantly losing hair and he still knows. He still knows.

I write this often, but it’s what’s on my heart. HOW MUCH THE HECK HE LOVES ME. I don’t even know, I can’t even begin to understand how much he loves me.

Anyways, back to the title. Love really does. I challenge you to love like love does. Go out and write letters to people because you are just appreciative of who they are. Give hugs. Lots of hugs. Be a support system for people who need you.

So yeah. I’ll be here pouring out so he can fill me back up. Writing papers and studying random things about psych. Jesus is my fuel and coffee is pretty needed these days. God is incredible. What he is doing blows me away every single day. Pushing forward to what he has for me.

Blessings + hugs,


PS. If you have chocolate. or nutella. send my way.

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