I was sitting in my Religion class today, I’ve got the dreaded head cold so I’m not really feeling all that well.

We were talking about Genesis 1 + 2, how Adam and Eve came to be. My professor brought up an idea that I had never really thought of before.

Here’s how it went.

Do you think that Adam and Eve spent their time in the garden just sitting around waiting for God to come and chat with them? I don’t think so, I think that they were exploring God’s creation, finding new things every single time they looked. When God came back, they would probably run to him telling him that they discovered a tulip, or a daisy, being so excited at the mere fact of a newly discovered flower. Can you imagine how full God’s heart was? How excited he was at their joy.

This got me thinking, even though it hurts to think right now. It’s been Advil cold and sinus and honey lemon tea all day long. How we miss out on his creation every single day. When is the last time you got excited about a sunrise or a sunset because of the beauty that exists within it? Growing up, I always imagined that God took out a massive paint brush, and decided each night what he was going to paint across the sky. Purple. Pink. Orange. Red. I still believe this somedays, when the sunsets are nothing but breathtaking.

Babies breath, my favourite flower. I know, its considered a filler flower for bouquets, but the flowers are so tiny and yet so intricately designed and created. How God is overwhelmed with joy when we marvel in his creation.

Also. I changed my blog name. It’s been a long time coming, and a needed change. I chose joy soaked words as my new blog name. I don’t plan to change the content and what I blog about, but I want these words to be joy soaked. Jesus soaked.

Plus, since this is the first blog with the new name, I thought I would do another hey it’s nat kinda thing.

So yeah. My name is Nat, I am a first year student at Redeemer University Collage, studying psychology with a minor in criminal justice. I am deep deep in love with the creator of me, and I also love hugs. I love coffee dates more then anything in the world, and coffee shops too. Can coffee dates be a love language? I love words, writing and letters. I believe in snail mail, and often write letters for people cause God put them on my heart. I am learning that everyday is a choice, a choice to seek Jesus, a choice to love, and i’ve got the choice to have joy. I am the second of four kids, and I’ve got an incredible family supporting me and cheering me on. I love sunrises, early mornings and extra hot coffee. London fogs with almond milk. I belt out the wrong words at red lights and have some pretty awesome worship jams with Jesus in my car. So hi. Welcome to my blog, joy soaked words.

Blessings + hugs,


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