heart blueprints

It’s been one heck of a week. I’ve cried a lot. And eaten a lot of waffles. My heart is healing, slowly. I attended a women’s bible study on Thursday, I wasn’t going to go because I had a midterm on Friday. I got asked to take pictures (I am on the photography team) So I went.

Worship. I needed to simply just praise My Father, for what he is doing in my life, I needed to humble myself before him. I simply needed to come.

The message was about the what’s in our hearts, the conditions of our hearts. She challenged us to go deep into our hearts. She pulled up an example, where this gal had crafted a blueprint of her heart. Different aspects of her heart praised God in different ways. Used by God in different ways. Anyways, this got me thinking about my own heart blueprint, and God has been speaking a lot to me these past couple of days. As you know, I use my blog as a way of processing what has been going on in my life, it usually goes from journal to blog. Here is my heart blueprint.

Nat’s heart, in the words of Jesus.

I’ve given you a part of your heart like a kitchen. One that you can dance in and praise me well you bake yummy things.

I’ve given you part of your heart that’s like your journal. Word filled, prayers, tears and laughter that has been poured out on those pages.

I’ve given you a part for grief. For tears. Know it’s okay to hurt. I love you more then you will ever be able to understand, and I am shaping you to be more like me. I never promised a life without pain, but rather a life that I would never leave you.

I’ve given you a part that is nothing more then joy. I have given you so much joy, my joy. Laugher. I love when you laugh. I have given you that laughter, that joy.

I’ve given you a part like coffee shops. Where you love on people and have heart to hearts. Where you come to find me.

Lastly, I’ve given you home in your heart, because your home is wherever I am. I’ve got this crazy adventure for your life, and Nat? I can’t wait to take you on it. I can’t promise parts won’t hurt. I know there will be tears, There will be questioning. There will be laughter and plenty of joy.

This life is not my own, but rather His.

Thy will be done on earth as in heaven. Come Jesus. Come.

I don’t get what you are doing right now. I really don’t. It hurts. But knowing you are leading gives me an unworldly peace about everything.

Come Jesus come. I’m all in. Whatever you have next, I am all in Jesus.

“Home is where I am”

Blessings + hugs + life chats over good coffee,


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