slow down.

Slow down.

Life is flying past you and you haven’t even taken the time to look up from your phone to watch.

Slow down.

When is the last time you sat down with your coffee in a mug, still hot?

Slow down.

When did life become a race?

Won’t you slow down?

I want to hang onto every laugh that echoes through this house, every tear that drips down my cheeks.

A couple of days ago I left my dorm to write two midterms, back to back. I left my phone, and my study notes, knowing I did all that I could do to prepare myself. I finished my first midterm early, so like all the other students hurrying to get into the hall to ask their friends how it went, I did the same. But instead of comparing answers, I went and sat on a bench outside the room where I would be writing my next midterm. I had about 20 minutes to wait, so I sat there for a bit and then I started to get bored. I found myself reaching for my phone when I didn’t even have it on me. I even thought about going back to my dorm to get it, but instead I stayed.

These past couple of days have been incredibly healing for my hurting heart. I’m learning how to slow down, take each thing as it comes. I sit down with a hot cup of coffee and I enjoy every sip. Today I pulled out my journal, something that I have been neglecting as I let life spin out of control.

When I got to Redeemer, I knew I needed to be all here, well I was here. I didn’t want to be, and found myself looking into other universities and what it would take to transfer. God has been gently speaking over me that I need to be all here, because this is where he has me for now. I don’t know what’s next. I don’t need to know. But rather, I just need to slow down.

Being in a new place is hard. University is one of the hardest things I have ever had to do. I realized how much I love when God pushes us out of our comfort zones last night. We were driving to the pet store, so I could get a fish. The music was blaring, there was rain beating on the windshield and I was surrounded by people I love. There was so much laughter in that car, and that’s when it hit be that this is exactly where I need to be.

Oh and by the way, my beta’s name is Finnegan. He’s pretty great.

Slow down. Please just slow down.

Thanks for reading about what’s being going on lately, and what I’m learning.

God is one rad dude, and I just want more of His heart.

Blessings + extra tight bear hugs,


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