so, hi.

I was gallivanting (this word was recently added to my vocabulary and I really like the sound of it) through Costco the other day with my momma. We were talking about my blog as we chose out massive packages of toilet paper and ate all the samples in sight. As we were talking, I realized that I don’t know who reads this. I go public, every time I press publish, out for the world to read. I don’t know if these words touch people’s hearts, or if I press publish to send it into an empty space. So, because I don’t know who reads this, or if anybody does, and I have run this blog for over a year now, I am going to re introduce myself.



My name is Natalie, I often go by Nat. I feel as if I have these words almost in a way suffocating me before I can get them out on paper, hence the reason I write in a blog titled, joy soaked words. I love the feeling of pure joy. The kind of joy you get when the laughter is coming from deep within. The kind of joy when you shout at the clouds with a big smile on your face “JESUS, I KNOW THAT WAS YOU. I DON’T KNOW HOW YOU DID IT, BUT I KNOW IT WAS YOU” The kind of joy that seems to pour out when you get together with friends who know you better then yourself. I love deep heart to hearts when you get real with yourself and others over hot london fogs in a hipster coffee shop. When the tears start pouring down your cheeks from the laughter that follows. I am a diehard bones fan. Seen every episode 3+ times. I LOVE HUGS. Big bear hugs that make everything seem okay for those few moments. Mom hugs are great too. I love and hate mess, all in the same breath. I love that growth can only come out of the messiness. I hate the pain that comes with growth, the very needed pain. I am a plant mom and a fish mom, both are staying alive which is surprising me. I pick up a guitar when I’m upset and a journal when I don’t have the words to say. I realized how in love God is with us, after he got ahold of my life during a YWAM DTS. I love this life I’m living. This is me.



It’s really nice to meet you. Wanna grab coffee sometime? I want to hear your stories. I want to hear your heart.

Blessings + bear hugs,


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One thought on “so, hi.”

  1. I read your blog, Nat. Everyday, well almost everyday, I look to see if you posted a new one. I love seeing and hearing your heart. I pray for you and I laugh with you and I cry with you when I read it. You have inspired me. I often think how much we are the same and struggle with some of the same issues. You hold a very special place in my heart.

    Love you very much!


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