essence of Jesus

When you spray a perfume and walk away, the sweet smelling notes lace the air where you once stood. When you take out chocolate chip cookies out of the oven, the smell wafts enough to bring everybody to the kitchen. Flowery notes from yummy smelling shampoos and the way laundry smells after you pull it from the dryer.

These are all essences.

What about the essence of Jesus?

What does he smell like?

I don’t think I can quite literally tell you what Jesus smells like. While he was on earth, maybe a little sweaty because I don’t think deodorant was invented back then, but that’s another story for another day. But I can tell you what his essence is to me.

His essence, is the way people seem to shine after they finally realize that they need Jesus. It’s what comes when you humble yourself in front of him, broken, he makes you whole. Broken, he makes you whole. It’s when you can see Jesus in the way that people love. I’ve seen strangers on the street who love like Jesus, they carry his essence and I don’t even know them. I see his essence in my own mother’s hands. Those hands that have loved me, carried me, washed me and taught me. I see his essence in my dad’s eyes. The grace and love that fill up those spaces, animist all the twinkles. I see his essence in the deep belly laughter that comes bubbling out no matter how hard you try. I see his essence in the mundane everyday. I see his essence blowing like the wind, it’s always around me.

I want to carry his essence. I want to be a kingdom builder here on earth. I want to love. Be the kind of love that only comes from Him. But before I can do any of this, I first have to come back to the Father. His love for me is greater then anything.

For now, I’ll be shouting at the clouds, thanking him because there is nothing else that can explain his awesomeness in my life. Like seriously though. Jesus.

I am learning.


Sometimes I feel as if I can’t express everything I am trying to say. I take that back. I feel like I never can. He is just way to good for me to put his goodness into words.

I’ll be here, sniffing out Jesus.

Blessings + hugs,


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