I was in the car with someone the other day, and she brought up how she was reading my blog and it inspired her to write one. Her next words out of her mouth were, I feel like I am invading your privacy, reading your journal or something.


That’s why I write this blog. So I can be real. Raw and honest. I have had so many people over the last two years tell me that they read my blog and can relate to what I am going though. I have had people tell me that I have made them cry, I have challenged them and I have inspired them.

I write this blog for my own heart too. I keep a journal, but there is something real about pressing publish on something that you are struggling with. It’s realizing that you are not the only one going through that.

These past two years that I have kept a blog have been challenging, but also there as so much growth. Like a crazy amount. These past two years, I graduated high school on the honours list. Something I didn’t think was possible for me. I applied and went to YWAM. I found God like I had never before. I began to learn what relationship meant between me and God. I started university. I survived a breakup that tore my heart in two. I changed my major 4 times. Minor 5 times. I realized how much I love words, writing. I am now an english major with huge dreams for the future. God sized dreams. These past two years have changed me. They have challenged me. They have grown me.

This morning in church, the pastor said something along the lines of, you need to see how ugly your sin is, before you can see how beautiful God is.

How freaking powerful is that?

You need to see how ugly your sin is, before you can see how beautiful God is.

Our culture today hides the brokenness. They hide the sin. They hide the real and raw that needs to be so present. This is why I keep this blog. This is why I am real. This is why I am raw. You know? Sometimes it hurts to write out, pour out my heart onto this keyboard. But I am going to keep doing it. I want to see people’s hearts changed by his love. This is just the beginning.

This is why I am vulnerable. When people open their hearts, God begins to move in powerful ways.

So ya. It’s been a blessed two years and how many months that I have had this blog.

Looking forward to what he has in store next,

Hugs + his sweet blessings,


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