dust covered dreams

In the words of a close friend, God is good all the ding dong time and we don’t often take the time to realize it. I love the way that sounds, because the words she uses describes Christ so well. We don’t need all these fancy words to tell others about his goodness, because he is good. Simply good. All the ding dong time.

I have been wanting to write a blog post for a while now, but life has hit me in the face it seems. This past week I have been more sick then I can remember being and it sucks. I’ve learned a lot about the act of friendship, and waking somebody up to take you to emerge at 3am, that is sacrificial love. Don’t worry, I’m fine, but this week has taught me a lot. I’ve learned that I need to listen to my body when it tells me to stop, and to listen to my parents when they tell me I’m sick. I’ve spent the past 3 days in bed, and it’s been very boring, but I am finally on the mend. Thank you Jesus.

This week has hit me hard. I never expected to go to emerge. I never expected to wake up my parents @ 3am crying because I was so scared. I never expected to spend the past 3 days in bed and miss my classes. I never expected to have such low energy, it was hard for me to do stairs. God has been teaching me a lot about expectations. I expected to go into this week, finishing up a paper that was due, catching up on journal responses and readings and pouring into friends. Instead it was the exact opposite.

I don’t want to walk into the presence of Jesus expecting anything. I want to walk into the presence of Jesus and fall to my knees because he is so ding dong good. I want to walk into the presence of Jesus with anticipation instead of expectation for how he is going to move.

I also wanted to talk a bit about dreams while I have this blog open, I tend to not keep on one topic anyway if you are new to this blog.

Dreams. God has been laying them on my heart and he has been asking me what my dreams are. I have dreams. I want to have a bright yellow kitchen one day, and have a golden retriever named eloise. I want to live in an apartment above a storefront, and get married. I want to go to culinary school and open my own bakery. I want to be a mom one day to many laughing and screaming kids. I want to travel.

What are those dreams that have become so dusty, you keep pushing them out of your mind because you know you might not have the chance to ever pursue them?

I challenge you to pull those dreams out, dust them off and chase after them. I believe that God gives us these crazy dreams to reveal more of his heart to us.

I don’t want life to ever get ahead of me before I have a chance to paint my kitchen yellow, to own a dog named eloise. I want to keep chasing after these crazy dreams of mine because I know that when I do, Jesus is right there chasing after them with me.

That’s the crazy thing about Christ, he never leaves our side, no matter the size of the dreams.

So. Go pull out those old dreams of yours.

Dust covered hugs because I’m busy finding my old dreams and blessings,


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