drive safe.

Drive safe.

Eyes locked.

His, shame and embarrassment filled.

Mine, mascara covered and tired looking.

Hands holding.

His, grasping an old cup filled with change.

Mine, tightly holding the steering wheel.


His, thank you and please drive safe.

Mine, I’m sorry it isn’t much.

Eyes locked.


I wrote this after giving somebody on the street some change. The roads were messy, the snow was falling and I was very concentrated on getting back to campus. I saw him and my immediate reaction was to lock the doors and keep driving. Lone female, I didn’t want to take any chances. The light turned red and I pressed my brakes, testing against the snow. Next thing I know, I’m reaching for what little change I had, opening my window against the blowing snow and apologizing for what little change I had. “It all helps” he said as he thanked me and the light turned green.  I drove away, the roads worse as I got closer to campus.

I don’t write this to put myself on a platform. I write this to say that we need to love those who get ignored. Jesus loved the ones who people left on the sidewalks. The ones that people didn’t think were worthy of love. He loved with passion. Powerful love. Life changing love.

I was out to breakfast with a friend this morning, and our conversation quickly turned to how easily we listen to the world. I brought up that the world doesn’t like us because we are not in the world, but we are with Jesus. The world whispers lies about losing weight and needing better grades so that people will like us. Jesus tells us the opposite. He gets so overjoyed when we spend time in his presence and listen to him speak sweetness over us.

I was challenged today.

To love those who people don’t think are worthy of love. To love my friends better. To take more time to spend in his sweet presence.

Plus I am just super de duper thankful for everything that Jesus is doing in my life and I am so excited for what he is doing next that I just want to shout it from the mountain tops.

God is good. So dang good. Ding dong good.

I’m full of His joy. All his joy.

Bear hugs and joy filled blessings,


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