dear me.

Dear younger me,

You are probably running barefoot through the lush grass, making mud pies with julia and learning how to drive the 4 wheeler. You never did have a care in the world, life was good back then. You know Kayla’s phone number off by heart and you have to wait for your mom to get off the landline before you can call her.

Younger me, I pray you realize the potential that God has placed in your life. I pray that you learn from the mistakes you make, and spend your days laughing. I pray you learn to love school, and work hard at everything you do.

Dear younger me, I miss the carefree you.

Dear present me,

You are currently sitting in bed at university typing this blog post that you meant to write yesterday. You are loving learning, and you have finally found something you are passionate about. Grade 12 you never saw an english major in you. You were going to study social work and follow in your mom’s footsteps. Here you are, studying English. You are carving your own path, and you have this wild dreams that you need to keep chasing after. You are stronger than you realize, this past year tested everything within you and still you are here. I’m beyond proud of you. Keep laughing. Keep writing.

Dear present me, don’t lose who you are.

Dear future me,

Maybe you’ll be married, or maybe just living in a studio apartment above a storefront with a cat like you have always wanted to do. I hope that you have gone back to Mexico, and traveled to see your friends spread across this world. I pray that everyday you are getting more of a glimpse into his mercies for you. I hope you have a bright yellow kitchen and have gone on to culinary school. I hope you have opened a bakery. Call it Nat’s okay? I hope you have a baby or 3. I hope you are falling more in love with this life, and finding the beauty around every corner.

Dear Future me, make sure you have a dog named eloise if all else fails.

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