keep showing up

I have a terrible habit of opening my wordpress instead of writing the paper that are due or studying for my midterms, but I don’t want to forget what I was going to write about.

Yesterday was valentine’s day, and being single I thought it would be harder than it was. I would scroll on instagram and it was all couples, but I am so content right now that I didn’t mind. We ended up baking cupcakes and writing letters, and bringing them to a friend who was feeling pretty overwhelmed with the amount of school that she has to get done. This led to Jesus conversations that lasted over an hour, and we all left feeling very filled up. The super cool thing about my friendship with these two girls, is that it’s more than just friendship. They have become sisters to me, and I am so blessed by their lives. Each one of us prayed for friends in the beginning and then God brought us all together, how rad is that. Anyways, back to what I was trying to say, we were talking about how God is moving here at redeemer and in our own lives. How tired we are of the loop we find ourselves in, trying to find fulfillment in worldly things.

I’ve heard it said before by one of my favorite bloggers, Hannah Brencher.

Keep showing up.

This is so important when it comes to dreams, relationships and ourselves. We need to keep showing up, because if we don’t show up then nothing is going to happen. We need to keep showing up for God to move in our lives, in our cities and in our schools. We need to keep showing up when it comes to our dreams, nothing will ever get accomplished if we don’t keep showing up and chasing after these crazy dreams. The greats didn’t sit in bed all day and watch netflix, but rather they kept showing up.

I challenge you to show up.

Something else that God has laid on my heart is that he needs to prepare the grounds before us, before he can move. He is preparing the grounds for big things. Huge things. God sized things. We have the beautiful opportunity to watch and be apart of what he is doing, like what the heck Jesus you are so good.

What is God calling you to?

What is he asking you to step into?

Where is he taking you?

What are your dreams?

Have you been showing up?

God is good. So beyond good. I don’t know about you, but I want to be apart of what he is doing here on this earth, his kingdom mission.

I challenge you to keep showing up. I know it’s hard. I know it’s exhausting. I know it seems out of reach. I know it may seem impossible. Keep showing up. Be like the greats and keep showing up.

Keep showing up.

Nuff’ said.

I have a couple papers to write, so I’m signing off.

Hugs + blessings,


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