when heaven and earth met.

Jesus is so freaking in love with us, with us. We didn’t have to and we don’t have to do anything to make him love us more, HE JUST DOES.

I was listening to a podcast while I was driving back to school yesterday after a week off. The podcast was about the Father’s heart for us, and his chain breaking love. He began to speak about when heaven and earth touched for the first time. He described the mud that God gently picked up and formed into man. He described the moment when his lips touched the mud, the kiss of life. When heaven and earth met, crazy things began to happen.

He started talking about creation, and the beauty that surrounds us. He spoke of the trinity singing 3-part harmony to the creation, and the creation singing back. The creation singing his glory, because he is good.

We are part of this creation singing back his praises.

I was standing beside a friend singing worship, and she slipped off her shoes. She leans over to me and said: I always take off my shoes before I worship, I feel like I am standing on holy ground. I know that Moses took off his shoes before he fell before the burning bush, as a sign of respect and holiness.

We are standing on holy ground because it was created with words spoken by our Father. Spoken into the darkness, into the emptiness. The vast emptiness. There was nothing there, and then there was everything.

God is good.

I wrote this a couple blogs back, that I wouldn’t stop stating how good God is.

God is good. Am I right or am I right?

He gives us these incredible dreams and passions. He is overwhelmed for love for us.

When I was still in Mexico, one of my teachers as us to pull out a piece of paper and put pen to paper. To begin to write what the Father was saying.

I put pen to paper.

I began to write. 8 pages double sided later, blisters on my hands and cramped muscles, he wasn’t done speaking.

He is still speaking. Always. He keeps on teaching me, showing me how good he is. How faithful he is.

Lately he has been teaching me about my plans vs his plans. How they don’t often line up, but his plans are so much better than mine.

If you would have told grade 3 Natalie, that she would have dreams to write a book, and to study English, she would not have believed you. She had her eyes set on being a nurse.

1st year university Natalie is now studying English, and she has her eyes set on Jesus.

I will keep putting pen to paper. Actually pencil, because I hate writing in pen.

I will keep coming before Christ to remove my shoes and listen to what he is saying.

I will keep reminding my readers and myself, how good God is.

Blessings + hugs,


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