the old house



This house I’ve built, it’s crumbling and falling apart

This house I’ve built, I thought I was safe

I reside here, with the bricks falling around me

This house I’ve built, I thought was all I could have


There was a knock on the door then Jesus walked in

He takes down the pictures on the walls and packs away the lies

He pulls up the floor boards and removes the shame buried beneath

I found myself grasping at what I could keep from the old house

“Jesus, it hurts” I hear myself saying.

Taking my hands, he took what I was holding on to and pulling me into his arms, he spoke


“I love you”


I want to live with you, and this house is not fit for a king

He peels off the wallpaper that I’ve tried to hide behind

He begins to tear down the walls that I’ve put up around my heart

I’m making your home a place fit for a king because I love you.

The house that I built, I thought that’s all I could have.


Then a knock on the door changed everything.




This isn’t going to be a blog post updating my readers on all the rad and mind blowing things that God is doing in my life, even though he is doing some cool stuff. Rather, I wrote this poem during worship today. God just started putting the words on my heart, and I didn’t have paper and pen with me so instead I typed this out on the notes in my phone.

More heart words from this joy filled heart.

Bless ups and hugs,


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