created to create

I was sitting in CTS class, watching a TED talk on vulnerability. Power filled words were coming out of the speakers and well it was going on, I was itching to open my laptop and write a blog on it.

I came back to my dorm and over carrots and hummus, I shared my heart with a friend.

Being open takes courage. Courage means to tell the story of being imperfect. I am taking a step into being courageous when I write this blog and press publish. I share what I am going though and sometimes I write with tears pouring out my eyes and crumpled kleenex around me. Sometimes I can’t write fast enough about everything that I am trying to say because the joy of My Father is everywhere. Sometimes I argue with Jesus about even writing on this blog, but everytime he reminds me that I need to be vulnerable and open. I get messages from people, telling me how much this blog encourages them and the way I open up is inspiring. That alone keeps me writing. I write because I know I have a God given gift and why the heck would I want to waste it.

I am imperfect.

You are imperfect.

We are imperfect because of the fall. But we serve a perfect God and that alone is chain breaking.


In the words from the TED talk, vulnerability is the birthplace of joy and creativity.

It is the birthplace of joy and creativity.

I went through some pretty hard things the past year, and I received a sweet note from a friend in the midst of it. “Don’t stop creating.” she ended the note off with. I realize when I write, I am creating. I am creating art. I am creating words that haven’t been published yet. When God first breathed life into Adam, when heaven and earth met, he created humans to create.


This gets lost in the words that the world shouts at us, that we need to hide our true selves. I challenge that today. I challenge what the world is saying, with what God is saying.

It needs to be heard. When we numb vulnerability, we numb joy. We numb creativity.


We are enough because we find our enounghness in Christ. (totally just made that word up)

I challenge you to create, to reclaim your identity in Christ. To be courageous and be okay with not being perfect. To step out into where God is calling you, and where he is taking you next.

He is doing big things here. I feel it. He is creating.

Bless up.


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One thought on “created to create”

  1. “Vulnerability is the birth place of innovation, creativity, and change”

    That quote by Brenée Brown (and her Ted talk that it sounds like you’re referencing) has been my forward driving motto in my walk with Christ this past year. The words that God has always had written on my heart are exactly what you’ve stated here… “We are created to created”. That is how we bear the image of Christ. He has made us co-creators with Him in His image, different than any other being. I always get really excited when I see other people embracing this message and realizing the power that it indwells in us through Christ. You should check out “Playing God” by Andy Crouch… it’s a great book along this vein. I just wanted to share that, and that you really do have a gift for writing, and that your words really are a light to others.

    Keep being who God made you: a creator.


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