people of the lilies

People of the lilies

we sway in the wind

covered from head to toe

dressed in the loveliest of fabrics

he blows his breath over us

people of the lilies

the fear leaves when the wind comes

for he dresses us in his love

we are the people of the lilies

I wrote this poem tonight, after God put the title on my heart a few days ago. We are the people of the lilies, he dresses us in his love. Why do we keep fearing the future, fearing love, fearing the new, fearing the old when he tells us not to fear. He tells us not to worry, and yet we still do. We worry because we think we need to worry. We think we need to worry because if we don’t worry, then it won’t happen. I know that’s my life. I know that I worry because I think I need to. Now that I write these words out, I realize how much I am worrying about dumb things that God keeps telling me that he has in control.

“Nat, stop worrying, I have it all in control. stop worrying, and start living. I have given you an adventurous heart, and I don’t want you to lose out on the adventure because you are caught up in worry. Fear. Doubt. These rob you of your joy.”

I know that God is control. I know that God is in control, and my heart still wanders. My heart still worries. My heart still fears.

I also know that I am a people of the lilies. I know that he crafted me. I know that he chose me. I know that he loves me. More then I will ever be able to understand. I know that he dressed each and every lily. With such grace and beauty, and he dresses us the same. I know that I carry the power of God within me.

When I write, I get real. I get vulnerable, and I open my heart. Sometimes it really hurts to get it out on paper. It’s usually humbling. No, it’s always humbling. It’s humbling because I come before my creator, broken. He takes the mess. The dirtiness. And he makes it beautiful. Just like he blew life into the mud to make Adam, he blows life into our mess.

I am in the middle of a worship session.

I know I need to start carrying around a notebook, but this blog is getting typed into my notes for now.

There is so much peace in my heart.

I know that God has crafted me. Created me for more then what the enemy says I have been created for. I have been created for love. To farther his kingdom. For adventure. For joy. For laughter. For him. For life.

I will never stop praising my father. Never singing his praises, shouting until my voice is gone.

He’s got in all under his hand.

There’s no room for worry under there.

Blessings + hugs,