My fingers are hovering over the keyboard because the words are swirling around in my mind but I can’t seem to get them out.

I don’t even know when the last time I opened my blog Joy Soaked Words to write, I don’t even remember what I wrote about last. A lot has happened in this past couple of weeks, and God has been teaching me a lot about everything that has happened.

Backstory, I injured my knee while swing dancing close to a month ago, and it hasn’t gotten any better. Two weekends ago, I was at a conference called Freshwind in Toronto. One of the speakers said that she got a picture of somebody with right knee pain from an injury, and God wanted to heal them. I was believing that God was going to heal my knee, and I still am believing that he is because I didn’t get healed at that moment. I realized at that moment that I had a choice to make, I could be disappointed and frustrated with God because he healed other people and he didn’t heal me, or I could keep praising him for what he is doing in my life and the lives of people around me.  I decided to keep praising him, and I haven’t stopped since. God keeps reminding me that I need to rest, to simply be still in his presence.

My first year at Redeemer is almost done, last week of classes and then exams. I am finishing up papers and drinking more coffee then I know I should. This year has changed me in the best way possible. It has taught me to fight for who I am and what I believe in. To never settle. That I still have control over the fear that tries to creep in. That I am worthy of His love. That mini eggs are a food group. At the beginning of the year, my life fell apart and I was left to pick up the pieces, I was ready to drop out and just go home. Then Jesus met me there, he helped me pick up the pieces and put my life back together. He walked through the trials, holding my hand the entire time. He didn’t leave, I know he never will leave.

This year has been one for the books.

I have learned so much.

I am still learning.

Summer is nearing, and I don’t want to leave. I didn’t think I would be able to say that, because I was so ready to leave at the beginning of the year.

He keeps reminding me of his crazy overwhelming love for me. That he went to the cross out of his love for me.

I wrote a little poem after Easter,

he loved. he lived. he died. then he lived again in order to love again. 

To anybody who actually reads this blog, know that Jesus loves you with passion, a love that you won’t be able to experience from anybody else.

This is just a bit of what has been going on in my life, I have some papers that I need to write so this blog is a bit shorter.

I am so happy.

So joy filled.

Laughter filled.

Bless up.

His sweet blessings and bear hugs,