guess it’s time for an update on my life. this crazy life that has been so fun to live. I am back at redeemer, to study english. I changed my minor to a social justice minor, and kept my major. I am RAing. I’ve got an incredible group of girls that I get to live with this year, and my roommate is simply the best. And on top of everything, Jesus has been speaking like crazy to me lately, reminding me that he hasn’t left and he isn’t going to leave. How he needs to fill up my love tank so I can keep on pouring out. What an incredible opportunity that I am here. living this life.

Anyways, I actually wanted to jump on this blog for the past bit, but got myself locked out accidentally because I can never remember my passwords to anything. I wanted to get real about faith. But not just any faith. I’m talking about thick faith. The kind of faith I want to have. The kind of faith that many trials have created. layer after layer. Thin faith bends when the winds come, but thick faith faith holds it’s ground.

My pastor got on stage yesterday and said this. He said that there are three types of praises. Before the season. During the season and after the season. He deserves all three of these praises. He is worthy of all these praises.

How often, do we forgot to praise Jesus in the mess because we are too caught up in ourselves. That it’s easy to worship him when everything is right, and easy to worship after because you know he’s brought you through. We can’t forget about the middle of the storm to worship him. Because regardless of what is going on, he is still good. He will always be good.

Thick faith comes from praising God even when you can’t see him through the storm that surrounds you. Take faith, he is still standing right beside you. He is standing right beside you because he loves the heck outta you. I don’t know about you, but when I love somebody, I love with my whole being. And I’m not Jesus. Like holy moly that dude knows how to love.


Keep praisin’ him regardless of where in the storm you are because no matter what he is good.

He loves you. More then we as humans will ever be able to comprehend and there is something so beautiful about that.

May we never lose the wonder.

Go love somebody. And let Jesus fill your love tank too.

Big bear hugs and his sweet blessings,


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