by joy soaked words

I’ve been writing. A lot. Trying to tackle the discipline of writing head on. I haven’t clicked publish on this blog in a while though, I have a lot of half written blog posts waiting to be finished. There’s a lot I want to say, but when I sit down to write it out with a cup of coffee beside me and my writing playlist in my ears, is when it falters. I hesitate and I don’t press publish.

It feels like a word on the tip of my tongue, or in the case of writing, a lot of words. Unable to know exactly what I want to write about, or if I have an idea, how to get it out of these fingertips.

I know I need to write.

I know that I need to press publish.

Perhaps this is me telling my readers (whoever you are) that I need to be kept accountable in this.

I’m going to press publish.